Good deliveries require a decent salary and safe working conditions

These are real jobs that deserves employment with good terms and working conditions with a reasonable salary. Everything else is obscene.

It’s time for change

Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet (Transport) is the trade union for you who work as a courier. Together we work for concrete improvements in the industry, including:

  • secure employment
  • safe working environment
  • a reasonable salary

Responsible employers have collective bargaining agreements

Collective bargaining agreements are required to guarantee good working conditions. The agreement gives the right to the salary agreed by the union and the employers, it gives the right to a good working environment, good insurance, provision for the pension and more.

Join Transport and get involved

The more members we are, the stronger we get and the more we can influence. Join the union!

As a member of Transport you get:
  • Support and advice
  • Knowledge and tools to influence your work situation
  • Insurance at work and in your free time
  • Many other membership benefits!